31st May - 2nd June , 10:00-18:00
Istanbul Expo Centre

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Istanbul is Turkey's political, economic, cultural, financial, news, trade, transportation center. Istanbul Located in the eastern end of the Balkans, the southern bank of the Bosporus Strait, is not only geographically transcontinental, but also integrates the essences of the nationalities, cultures and arts of all ethnic groups in Europe, Asia and Africa so as to become an important meeting point of East-West ideological and cultural traditions. As a result, many ancient monuments have been left behind by history. Istanbul has more than 40 museums, more than 20 churches and more than 450 mosques. These beautiful buildings and their large collection of artifacts are vivid testimonies of the east-west junction.

Area: 5343 km²

Language: Turkish

Climate:Mediterranean climate

Population: 14.6 million (2016 UN data)

Mayor: Kadir Toppast

Famous scenic spot: Topkapi Palace, Suleymaniye Mosque, Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Archeological Museum, Kariye Museum, Dolmabahce Palace, Basilica Cistern, Bosphorus Bridge, Belem Bey Palais.